These Priests Chose Islam I

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Father Kenneth L.Jenkins
Father Kenneth L.Jenkins was a minister and elder of the Pentecostal Church in Indianapolis,Indiana,in 1990.He said ,"Not a single one could explain  how Jesus was supposedly God,and how,at the same time,he was supposedly the Father,Son and Holy Ghost wrapped up into one and yet was not a part of the trinity.Several preachers finally had to concede  that they did not understand it but that we were simply required to believe it.All of this coupled with a failure to receive answers to what I thought were valid questions was enough to make me seek a change."

Concerning Prophet Muhammad ,he said,"I was amazed with the life of Prophet Muhammad and wanted to know more.I was given a  set of Sahih Muslim ( a book on the Prophet's traditions) as a gift from my Quran teacher.It was then I realized the need to learn about the life,sayings and practices of Prophet Muhammad".

He embraced Islam in front of Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdul Azeez bin Baz in Saudi Arabia and changed his name to Abdullah al Faruque ,and his experiences are described in his book,How A Christian Preacher Embraced Islam.

Sue Watson

She was a former Protestant fundamentalist pastor ,missionary and Bible College lecturer with a Master's degree in Divinity.Her contact with a new convert prompted her to seriously study Islam and after an exhaustive research she concluded that "many Christians are sincere , but they are sincerely wrong ."She required ,"Who is this Allah  that the Muslims worship?"It is interesting to note that there were bishops during the first three hundred years of the Church that were teaching what the Muslims believes,and that is, Jesus was a prophet and teacher!  It was only after the conversion of Emperor Constantine that saw the introduction of the doctrine of Trinity .He ,a convert to Christianity who knew nothing of this religion ,introduced of the knew nothing of this religion ,introduced a concept that goes back to Babylonian times.I must point out that the word trinity is not found in the Bible."

Concerning Prophet Muhammad ,she said ,"Who is this Muhammad?I found out that the Muslims do not pray to him like the Christians pray to Jesus.He is not an intermediary and in fact it is forbidden to pray to him..He is Prophet and Messenger ,the final and last Prophet.His message is for All Mankind as opposed to the message of Jesus or Moses which was sent to the Jews."
Sue Watson finally converted to Islam using the name Khadijah Watson and today she works at the Islamic Centre in Jeddah,Saudi Arabia.

Father George Anthony

Father Anthony ,hailed from Rathnapura ,was a Catholic priest in Sri Lanka.He had ten years of training before he become a priest and was attached to the Katumayaka Church.Being a Christian priest he was well versed with the teachings of the Bible but while reading the Bible he found many contradiction in it.He also found that the prophecy about Prophet Muhammad was clearly mentioned in the Bible and this motivated him to embrace Islam.He said,"The Esaiah 9:12,which reads like this:' And the book is delivered to him that is not learned ,saying,read this,I pray thee:and he saith;I am not learned.'

This verse is a prophecy about Prophet Muhammad because Muhammad was an unlettered prophet and he was asked by Angel Gabriel to read the first divine revelation to him he said,'I am not learned.'Contrary to the Christian belief that Jesus is God ,Acts 2:22 of the Holy Bible considers Jesus a man.It says ,"Ye men of Israel ,hear these words ,Jesus of Nazareth ,a man approved of God among you by miracles and wonders and signs ,which God did by him in the midst of you,as yourself also knows."

After embracing Islam,he wrote letters to his mother introducing her mother to Islam.After months of studies,she followed the path of her son and embraced Islam.His father and sisiter still remained Christians .George Anthony is currently working as a trainee in Islam Presentation Committee of Kuwait with the Islamic name Abdul Rahman .

                                           Islam The Misunderstood Region(second edition)

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